Keep Your PC Cool

Air-cooling with fans is the most effective way to dissipate heat in computers.  Fans are easy to install and maintain. There are different types of fans and many solutions to improve the lifespan of your computer’s electronic components. We offer long lasting, efficient and and reliable products to keep your computer system protected from overheating.


Overview of our products:

System Slot Cooler

Model #BT-SC70BBL

  • Unique 180° rotating fan
  • Unique Airsos air circulation system
  • Easy adjustable speed controller
  • Build-in red LED light
  • Easy installation

System Slot Blower

Model #BT-SB80SBK

  • Adjustable fan speed for desired performance
  • Fits in any expansion slot
  • Powerful 80mm exhaust blower
  • Unique blade design with maximum air flow
  • Better cooling effect than conventional 80mm case fan